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dhc-logo.jpgWhat is it?

The Diocesan Heritage Center, blessed May 13, 2014, by Bishop Lawrence E. Brandt, is a public location that houses artifacts, pictures and documents from the history of the Diocese of Greensburg and all of its parishes.

Its mission is to “to collect, preserve and assemble the cultural and archival patrimony of the diocese.”

These items will be pulled from the current diocesan archives, located at the Pastoral Center, and from parishes and parishioners to pay tribute to the heroic faith witness that makes up the rich history of the diocese.

“[The history of the parishes] has always impressed me,” said Bishop Brandt, “because it shows the tremendously deep faith and generosity of the people who built and founded our parishes at great sacrifices.”

All of the items chosen to be kept at the Heritage Center will be catalogued and preserved with various museum-like displays and means for research. The Heritage Center is located in The Bishop William G. Connare Center adjacent to the Indiana Room.

 How was it inspired?

The Diocesan Heritage Center was inspired dually by Saint Pope John Paul II’s 1988 Pontifical Commission for the Cultural Patrimony of the Church and Bishop Brandt’s experiences of the rich history of parishes in the Diocese.

Pope John Paul II’s commission aimed to be a resource for dioceses that were trying to preserve artistic and cultural patrimony, or heritage.

Though the Diocese of Greensburg is relatively young (established in 1951), it has a rich history that Bishop Brandt has witnessed at parish anniversary celebrations and events. Now is the time, he said, to gather these important pieces of history before they are lost, destroyed or forgotten.

“The heritage center should be a source of pride for our diocese. So much has been accomplished in our short history,” the bishop said.

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 Who is involved?

​Bishop Brandt announced the Diocesan Heritage Center to “realize a dream come true.” Though the Center will be located at the Bishop Connare Center, it will be a separate administrative entity.

A Diocesan Heritage Center Commission was established to serve an advisory role to the bishop in matters relating to the center as it is developed and opened. Jerry Bertig, director for facilities management at the Bishop Connare Center, has been involved in the initial stages of the center as well as Judy O’Toole, director of the Westmoreland Museum of American Art.

 How can I get involved?

​The Diocesan Heritage Center is in need of help from members of the diocese. Items that may be of interest to the center can be submitted for consideration.

It is only with the help of those in the parishes that the center will be a success. Other ways to support the center include keeping it in prayer and supporting it with monetary donations.